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The Ships of Kiev Russia
Historians suggest in one hypotheses that the word "korabl" (ship) travelled from Byzantia, whereas Byzantia itself took the one from the Russian language having changed the loanword to "karabos" and that the scientists' deduction was not without reason. The "korable" that was made of flexible branches faced with bark and leather thereon was suitable for short voyages and, in the scientists' opinion, used to be employed by the Eastern Slavs from the earliest times.


Russian lad'ya. On a figure of the ancient Greek annals .

The dug-out more suitable for navigation that was made using more advanced tools came into existence ratherlater on. Numerous archeological finds in the territory of Russia are evidence in favour of the fact that the people were able both to build simple boats and to use them for voyages by water as early as 4500 years ago.
Russian lad'ya. On a figure of the ancient Greek annals .

The third in time were the boats called "naboinaya lad'ya" (a boat with built-up boards). These boats were being steadily improved and widely employed in Kiev Russia.
Russian lad'ya.

In those, Russian fighters carried on the first naval campaign against Constantinople, as well as for either Brizantine or Swedish possessions. The chronicle of naval battles records information about the Russian fighters' campaigns headed by Ascold against Tsargrad in 865.
Medal in memory of the Askold's campaign against Tsargrad in 865.

Askold, Ryurik's body-guard, reigned in Kiev. In 865, Ascold undertook the long passage in 200 ladyas along the Dnieper, through the Black Sea to Bizantia. The Russians reached Tsargrad (Constantinople) but a violent storm scattered the ships and sank many of them. Askold returned to Kiev with the rest of his armed force.



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