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Welcome to our site dedicated to history of the Russian Navy and shipbuilding from ancient times to our days.

Human civilization, from the very first stages of its development, has always been inseparably linked with the sea, while for our country, which frontiers are washed by three oceans, the Navy has been of even greater importance.   

It was by sea that the Varangians, who played a very important role in the Russian State’s formation, came to Russia. Russian princes would sail the seas to conduct Tsargrad (Constantinople) campaigns and other less-known cruises to the Caspian cities. It was by sea that Novgorod merchants would deliver their goods to the cities of the Hanseatic League. The ships of the first Russian explorers ploughed the seas eastwards and it was owing to their efforts that Russia has become the world’s largest country.   

When one says that the Russian Fleet was created by Peter the Great, it is true only partially. In reality, its origins can be traced to the period of the 4th and the 6th centuries. What Peter did was to breathe new life into the established traditions of Russian seafaring having combined European shipbuilding technology and navigation methods with the Russian seamen’ unbending will and strength and firmness of mind. 

Our site is devoted to little-known details and major landmarks in the history of seafaring in Ancient Russia, pre-Peter Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and modern-day Russian Federation. Here you can find chronologically-structured historical facts as well an extensive biographical data base named “Russian Seafarers” and some useful information about ships, vessels, naval ranks and naval symbols (in particular, images and descriptions of ensigns and pennants of the Russian Imperial Navy and the Soviet Navy).

All the sections of our site are being constantly updated and we will be very much grateful if you, our dear visitors, could contribute to our further development. If you have any materials related either to the Russian Navy’s history or Russian shipbuilding and seafaring and you are really willing to have them published on our website, we will be very much obliged to you.

Our forum is also available for you to discuss any questions and share opinions on the materials published and subject area of this site.  

We do hope that visiting our site will help you find useful information, broaden your horizon and extend your knowledge of Russian Navy’s history. 

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